This is an on-going list of all zines in the DU library. Also featured here are books and other publications related to zine culture, history or resources. If you would like your zine added to the library, visit the contact page to learn how.

Amphetamine Wolverine Blues #0
The Art & Science of Billboard Improvement
avant-garde – Reno, Nevada
AZ Kaos – Scottsdale, Arizona
The AGA Project: Art for Global Action zine – Reno, Nevada
Breeze Volume I – Reno, Nevada
Breeze Volume II – Reno, Nevada
Breeze Volume III – Reno, Nevada
Cat’s Teeth
Cat’s Teeth #4
Cocoa/Puss zine#1
Cocoa/Puss zine#2
Cocoa/Puss zine#3
Colour of Shadow, Street Art Number 2
Darlene Rock-N-Roll Fanzine No. 4 – Hayden, Idaho
dorothea #1 – Tallahassee, Florida
dorothea #2 – Tallahassee, Florida
DYS Zine – Washington, DC
Empty Letters – Las Vegas, Nevada
ennui! – Safety Harbor, Florida
ennui! no. 2 – Safety Harbor, Florida
Entes Anomicos Zine
Extinctions Issue Numero Uno – Mohave Valley, Arizona
Extinctions Issue Numero Dos – Mohave Valley, Arizona
Extinctions Issue Numero Tres – Mohave Valley, Arizona
Extinctions Issue Numero Cinco – Mohave Valley, Arizona
Extinctions Issue Numero Cuatro – Mohave Valley, Arizona
Famous Last Words
Fluke #8 – Tuscon, Arizona
Free – Portland, Oregon/Decatur, Georgia
The Great Divide for All the World – Fresno County, California
A Guide to Blissful Solitude Issue # 1 July 09
A Guide to Blissful Solitude Issue #2 Sept. 09
A Guide to Blissful Solitude Issue #3 Oct. 09
The Heart Cave – Los Angeles, California
hoozdo issue 6 – Phoenix, Arizona
hoozdo issue 7 – Phoenix, Arizona
How a Soldier Named My Father’s Village/How A Farmer Named My Father’s Village
If They Only Knew #3
I Have a Song for You – Santa Fe, New Mexico
I’m One of an Odd Family # 1
La Realidad Es Solo Un Suspiro mini-mini zine #01
Lazy Boy, Dreaming is more holy than prayer – Tallahassee, Florida
Little Grrrl Lose &Found Issue no. 4 Dance Baby Dance!
Monk in OgreLand – Portland, Oregon
Node Pajomo Spring 2009 – Bellingham, Washington
No Rest for the Wicked (i’ll sleep when i’m dead)
Pajomo 01 – Bellingham, Washington
Perfect for Public Transport – Mesa, Arizona
personification of love: poems – Reno, Nevada
Poetic Terrorism
Poetic Terrorism 2
Poetic Terrorism 3
Poetic Terrorism 4
Polvo Issue 1 – Mohave Valley, Arizona
Polvo Issue 2 – Mohave Valley, Arizona
Polvo Issue 3 – Mohave Valley, Arizona
Polvo Issue 4 – Mohave Valley, Arizona
Polvo Issue 5 – Mohave Valley, Arizona
Potentially Heartwrenching Distractions and Other Wonderful Possibilities – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Potential Mode. No. 1 March 2010
Potential Mode. No 2 April 2010
Priority Mail – Port Angeles, Washington
Run and find the starting line 1 – Los Angeles, California
Sleeps with Ghosts #1
Southcore Riot Grrrl, Homocore Zine Numero 2
Space Wars: the anarchist strike back
spaghetti dinner & dancing 14
Spark! Vol 2 #5 September 2009 – Edwardstown, South Australia
Stinkweeds – Phoenix, Arizona
Street Hassle First
Street Hassle II
Tenacity Issue #1
Threefold Charm, Shadow Chasers 2 – Los Angeles, California
truck stop stink #1 – Mohave Desert, Arizona
UNR = ART? – Reno, Nevada
untitled – Berkeley, California
visceral #1 – Reno, Nevada
Whatever Saves Volume Three: Luv
Whatever Saves Volume Four: Places

Books/Other Publications
Zine Scene: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Zines by Francesca Lia Block and Hillary Carlip
Notes from Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture by Stephen Duncombe
Zines by Liz Farrelly
Whatcha Mean, What’s a Zine? by Esther Watson and Mark Todd
Zines! Volume 1: Incendiary Interviews with Independent Publishers by V. Vale


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